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Welcome to EasyCapper! Our machine is a unique and affordable option for screw cap production.

Our clients include sake producers, large and small mead and winemakers, distilleries, and vinegar makers. As diverse as their products are, what they all have in common is easy, reliable roll-over pilfer-proof (ROPP) capping thanks to the EasyCapper, so they can focus on what they do best -- production.

We ship anywhere within North America, including Mexico. Whether you are bottling for a hobby or for larger scale or artisanal production, EasyCapper is the best choice for all of your ROPP (screw cap) capping needs.

Our machine was designed in Italy by Stellin Srl to cap bottles with precision and speed. With a cap rate of 300 to 400 bottles an hour, EasyCapper can thread and seal aluminium caps onto rigid containers quickly, and operation can be learned within minutes by anyone.

Best of all, our competitive pricing makes EasyCapper the easiest for your budget, all while keeping the highest quality standards of Italian design.

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The Details

Roll-over pilfer-proof (ROPP) capper for wine, spirits and oil/vinegar

Semi-automatic operation

Dimensions: 32cm x 24cm x 78cm

Product weight: 23kg

Uses a standard North American household plug & outlet

Adjustable height allows for different bottle sizes

Compatible with multiple cap sizes

Two year limited warranty offered by manufacturer

Stainless steel construction

Safe and easy to operate

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